Twin Bulls Fire

I have always said that Central Oregon is an amazing place to live. We have all four seasons, and they are rarely miserable. We get snow, but it never shuts down the city. We get warm weather, but rarely ever over 100*. We are minutes away from natural beauty. Our air is clear. Our water is pure. Our beer is amazing.

There is one thing we have to worry about here, wildfire.



On our way back from Smith Rock last night we noticed two plumes of smoke rising from the west. This picture was taken about three hours after the fires were started. I have any current pictures, but this instills enough fire.

The two fires have combined into one and is being hailed as the Two Bulls Fire. Evacuations within my city’s limits have begun. People are pretty freaked out.

I’m pretty freaked out. This is the closest I’ve seen a wildfire come to my town, I believe. There is something disconcerting about this fire.

From what I can read, there is no cause determined yet. It’s pretty obvious humans had a hand in this one. There was no lightening. There was no prescribed burn.

You can read the official news story about the Two Bulls Fire, here.


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