Day 1 of our Slim Fast/ Hybrid diet.

It’s not really fair to call it day one, when I’m only a few hours in.

So far, I will say the meal bar is actually very filling. For someone who gorges on food constantly, that’s saying something.

My snack is an Adkin’s Peanut caramel cluster bar. My snack are supposed to only be 100 calories, but this bar is 140. I know I’m going to earn the calories back from line dancing tonight.

My water bottle and I are becoming best friends, too. I really do think it’s helping with the cravings and the hunger.

So, why did we pick slim fast? My husband is finally to get on board the bandwagon. We needed something portable and easy for my husband to understand. We both have a long way to go in terms of understanding nutrition. I gave my husband the option of just learning to eat better, and he just would not go for it.

I am also combining this with food logging on, for both of us. I did this because I knew that a 1200 calorie diet would not be healthy for my husband. For my husband to lose 2 pounds a week MFP has him at 1500 calories a day. He was excited because he gets extra snacks and a bigger dinner. MFP calculate this number by also figuring in how active you are in a day, and not just your height and weight. Slim Fast seems like it’s the same plan for everyone, no matter what.

I also like that MFP gives you more calories when you exercise. I feel like this is healthier, and probably keeps you from going into starvation mode and actually preventing weight loss.

We looked into Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. To be honest, they seemed a little expensive. My theory at this point, since I know Slim Fast isn’t going to be a sustainable option for my husband forever, is to practice using our willpower with this cheaper option now. Get in the habit of being “good.” It’s not a habit either of us are really used to.

What’s your favorite diet/food plan?



14 thoughts on “Day 1 of our Slim Fast/ Hybrid diet.

  1. Baby steps…! I’m into my fourth month of food overhaul in general. I finally feel like I don’t have to think about it so much anymore, which is nice! Whole grains, whole wheats, fresh food, etc. I do indulge sometimes on white bread or ice cream or something but I don’t crave it as often now. I’ve also stopped snacking on my son’s leftovers or sandwich crusts, haha. Ive thought of going paleo for awhile but I dont know if I’m mentally capable of committing to a certain “diet” per se after I feel like I’ve gotten a hold of my new, good habits. Its amazing how much can change in so little time once we get through the first couple weeks of hurdles! I am new-ish to MFP as well. Finally enjoying its benefits after being an initial uber skeptic. 😛

    Good luck! 😀


    • I did pretty good just working on eating healthier food, and working on healthier habits. My husband need something a little more structured, and I suppose I do to.

      I love MFP! The food diary is awesome. I feel like you get rewarded for exercising with extra calories to eat. I also enjoy rooting on my friend on MFP 🙂


      • My husband still sneaks donuts and burgers with his Mom (with whom we currently live). I call him on it every time, hahah. He’s lost 20lbs by association though.

        I like MFP too… Except I’m realizing I dont eat enough and probably never have. Its cool, I’m working on it. Hahaha! My user on there is same as on here!


      • Mine is my actual name… maybe I’ll send you a friend request? My husband needs to lose some weight, but can’t seem to give up his bad habits. We will see how his first day on the diet goes. He says he’s been good, but he’s hated it. OF course, he gets to go have pizza with a dad’s of special needs kids support group tonight. I can only imagine how that is going to go. LOL


      • Leave your email or something on one of my blogs? I still have the default set to moderate so I can always decline it when I’m done with it so it remains safe? Look at me, assuming…. Ha!


      • No worries and no rush… I was trying to stretch and be on the phone at the same time. Had to put the phone down, lol. I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve seriously only got one other person on there and have only “really” used it for the last seven days. Excuse my n00bz. D:


  2. I have found Weight Watchers has worked for me over the past few years. I am currently back with them and I’m trying the ‘Filling and Healthy’ option of their plan. It seems sustainable for now and my sugary cravings have mostly gone away. It’s good to be in it for the long haul – that way you’re less likely to get discouraged when it doesn’t happen fast. ‘Baby steps’ are the best!


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