Achievement Unlocked: Quitting WoW

The Writing 101 prompt for the day is to write about something, or someone, that was a part of your life but is not anymore.

There is so much I could write about here. I have a lot a lot of friendships in the last couple years. I’ve lost grandparents, family, and friends.

But, I keep coming back to wanting to write about World of Warcraft. Which, probably says a lot about why this game is no longer a part of my life.

It started as a way to bond with my ex-fiance. He didn’t want me to dance more (I did hip-hop, jazz, and ballet technique.) The only activity he was ever supportive of was me playing this weird game. At the age of 18, I was happy to do whatever my boyfriend told me to do.

It wasn’t long before World of Warcraft was our world. Our dinner was planned around whether it was a “raid night.” Work was something that I hated, because it got in the way of my WoW time. I even found a position in my old job that I could play WoW when it was slow. It was amazing.

As your can imagine, that relationship was pretty unhealthy for all involved. When I left the ex, I left WoW behind. Kind of. I still picked it up now and then, but it wasn’t the same.

Enter the new man, now my husband and father of my child. We bonded over being ex-WoW players, and eventually both started playing again.

It was the one place, I thought, I could make friends and be myself. WoW became my social life. I would spend all day, and all night, in front of the computer. I would take breaks to take care of my son but I was not a real engaged parent. I never “raided” when I was on “duty” with my son. I always did things I could stop, and didn’t mind being interrupted with.

When my husband came home, I would take whatever take-out food he bought for us and head into our bedroom. I would shut the door and it would be mommy time. WoW time.

We let our accounts go when money got short. Then I discovered private servers. It was fun for awhile. I got to do my thing without having to pay for it. But, this got old quick people there are more jerks on private servers than on regular servers.

Then, I quit. Cold turkey. I decided one day that I needed to engage in the outside world more. As a family we needed to be together, not in separate rooms staring at separate computer screens.

I still miss it. There are times when I get the craving to go run some Burning Crusade raids, or make a new toon and do some newb questing. An addiction to WoW never goes away. At least not for me.

But my life has begun expanding. And, my waist line is starting to shrink. My husband and I actually spend time in the same room with each other. Our son enjoys his mommy time.

Azeroth is a beautiful place, but I think I prefer what I see when questing in the real world.




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