Learning To Brush



Because of schedule conflicts we have been waiting almost two months to finally see the Occupational Therapist at my son’s school. The school has been using the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol with my son.

They say he requests it at school and really enjoys it. Since school is almost over, I wanted to make sure we continued this protocol at home. The video I linked (not my video, that is not me) says to do it every 90 minutes to 2 hours. Our OT said to do it three times a day, almost like a sensory breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We also talked about a weighted vest, ankle weights, and compression shirts.

She talked a lot of smoothing out the high and low points. I feel like we don’t have a lot of high and low points in the house, but I also don’t push him a lot to avoid the “high” points. Maybe with a more rigorous sensory diet we can start doing more therapeutic work in the home.

The OT sent us home with a 25 page packet with instructions and other sensory ideas.

It should be a fun, interesting, summer.


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