Letting Go Of My 22’s

I went line dancing Saturday night in my size 22 jeans. I’ve been able to wear size 20’s for a couple weeks now, but I could still wear my 22’s if I was in a pinch.

But, I realized Saturday that I really can’t dance in my 22’s anymore. I suppose I can still wear them around the house but if I am going to do any activity at all, then I can’t wear them anymore.

It was embarrassing to have to pull them up every 16 counts or so. I also couldn’t do anything super fun, like extra spins, for fear of my pants falling down mid-spin. It took some of the fun out of the evening actually.

I suppose I could just use one my belts that I hate. But, I also know my size 22 jeans are baggy to the point they no longer do positive things for my butt. (Without that, what’s the point in wearing jeans at all.)

So, why am I having such a hard time letting them go? Is it a fear of needing them again? Maybe just doubt and disbelief?


11 thoughts on “Letting Go Of My 22’s

  1. Well, if they fell, that would have marked a new chapter in line dancing. πŸ˜‰ I’m keeping the largest sized pants that I own as a reminder. I can’t wear them anymore either, but I won’t toss them. They’re fun to put on once in a while – it helps boost my self esteem a bit. πŸ™‚


  2. Throw them out! Keeping them around is only saying to yourself that you will fail and need them again. I understand the boost they might provide, but saying goodbye is ultimately better…I think?


  3. I love this post! Throw them out. I did – though I kept taking the seams in at the side until they looked downright ridiculous. Noone warns you that losing weight costs money, having to buy new clothes. But once you’ve thrown out all the bigger clothes, the cost of not fitting into the new ones will keep you at a size 16 πŸ™‚


  4. That must be the best feeling in the world, going down a size! πŸ™‚ Maybe there is some emotional memory attached to those jeans? Over the years I have had several items of clothing that were hard to part with because of great times/ certain people they reminded me of.


    • No particular attachment to these jeans. I think it is a matter of being afraid I’ll still need them. They are folding up in the back of my closest… because I love the idea of an after picture in them!


      • It will be amazing to compare before and after and see how far you’ve come! Great idea keeping them. They may also motivate you to keep eating well once the weight is all off πŸ™‚


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