Benham “Falls”

So, before I bore you with the details of this slightly disappointing trip, feel free to read them on my Oregon Waterfall Tour blog, here.

The part of this story that I didn’t mention, is that fact that I, once again got out into the wilderness and went for a walk. This time I did it with a backpack. It wasn’t loaded with much, but I wanted to see what my new hiking backpack felt like. Of course, that’s the excuse I used to bring snacks!

It actually threw off my balance a little, and on a steep decline I actually fell on my butt. So, I’ll have to get used to it some more.

The other thing about this hike, was that I could see myself going farther. There was a second falls another three miles away, which would have made the total trip for the day seven, and I totally wanted to go.

I dunno who I am anymore, but six months ago I would never have willing wanted to walk another three miles. I doubt I would have even walked the first mile it all.

There is something invigorating about the idea that I am becoming stronger and more outgoing. I love that I want to go outdoors. I love that I don’t mind an hour walk through a park.

Granted, I have yet to do any of this by myself. But, I will get there.



5 thoughts on “Benham “Falls”

  1. Right after I got sober which was almost 3 years ago my husband and I went on a 30mile hike and we left at 7 aclock at night “stupid” I was pretty freaked out because we were in the woods, in an area we were both unfamiliar with, and it was pitch black outside. I would love to do it again, but this time we would start earlier. Lol


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