Becoming Addicted to the Lifestyle

In the last week I have seen five different waterfalls, hiked goodness knows how many miles (probably like 8, but whatever), been to a different city, and been outside almost as much as I’ve been inside.

Yesterday, though, I had to stay in. I was hosting book club last night, so I couldn’t go anywhere. Friends kept asking me if I wanted to go out and play, go hike around a beautiful like. I had to say no.


All through book club, I found myself day dreaming about getting outside. It probably didn’t help that I couldn’t really get a word in edge wise, so I was just sitting there eating apple slices in caramel sauce. After seeing beautiful nature, I wasn’t as enthralled with complaining about how Piper Kerman didn’t have a tough enough time in prison.

It must be a sign that this new, more adventurous, lifestyle is starting to take hold. I don’t really want to stay home and sit on my butt when I can be out gallivanting the earth.

It’s almost been over a week since I’ve line danced. This also has been taking a toll on my soul.

Which leaves me wanting to do both with my first free evening. Maybe I can get a walk in on the trail close by, and make it to the bar by 7:30 for line dance lessons.


Now that I’ve cast aside the negative voices in my head, I’ve begun to really see the world.

Also, I’ve lost 3 pounds. Go me!


2 thoughts on “Becoming Addicted to the Lifestyle

    • Thanks! I had slide back and gained some weight when we had a nasty turn, I’m almost back to my lowest point since I started in January. It worries me I’ve become so addicted to outside exercise, but I’m hoping maybe being active this summer will help me find more joy in indoor workouts this winter.


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