A Lesson in Perseverance


I’ve always turned around when the path to my goal has gotten a little too tough. I admit it. I’ve never really pushed around through whatever road block was in my way. I’ve always taken it as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be, and found another dream.

This weekend I received an invitation to go on an adventure. What was supposed to be a 1 mile walk to see a beautiful waterfall turned into a 2 mile, harder than heck for me, hike to see a beautiful waterfall.

Maybe halfway there, we both started to wonder if we were headed in the right direction. About three quarters of the way there we passed by someone (finally) who told us we were. In the last home stretch, the last maybe 200 feet, I was ready to give up. It was switchbacks up an almost vertical mountain and it was felt like it was killing me.

My friend wouldn’t let me. Bless her!

But, when we got to the top and finally saw the waterfall we were looking for I finally learned the lesson about perseverance. I finally understand what it meant to go past your point of no return to get to your goal.

And even then, we went just a little bit farther. We went from looking at the falls to almost being able to touch it. We took an even more dangerous looking, though I’m sure perfectly fine, path to the base of the waterfall.

We were sprayed by it’s water. We basked in it’s glow.

I sat on a log into front of the waterfall while my friend took some pictures. I was still. I was calm. Yet, I felt so alive.

I also learned that day that sometimes the most amazing things are only amazing if you have to work for them.

The climb/hike/walk back was also somewhat excruciating. There were less uphill climbs, for sure. It was mostly downhill. We actually made it back a half hour quicker than we made it to the falls. I think we were just ready to sit.

The FroYo we had after our hike never tasted better, either. Some things just taste better once you’ve worked for them.

To read more in depth about the hike, check out my Oregon Waterfall Tours Blog.



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