I Really Should Take Him Out In The Sun

I woke up see it is absolutely beautiful outside. It looks like the perfect weather to sit on the front porch while my son plays in the grass. Maybe even walk my son down to the little playground here and read a book while he plays.

Unfortunately, that is not how any of that is going to go.

My son wanders. He wanders from spot to spot. Eventually he will find his way to the playground and wander around it for a bit. Then he will want to go wander around the empty lot next to our complex. This is full of boards with nails, and homeless camp remnants. Keeping him away from the empty lot will end in both of us being frustrated and crying.

And, yet, keeping him in the apartment is pretty shitty parenting, too.

I can hear it now. Create boundaries. Keep him in the play area. Don’t let him wander.

Here’s my theory on that. My son has a lot of time in his life that is extremely structured. He spends a lot of his time being told what to do and where to go, and how to play. Every kid, on the spectrum or not, deserves to have time in their day when they can just be. I remember as a kid when I was outside playing, I got to play however I wanted as long as I stayed within certain limits. If my son’s idea of a good time is to wander from dirt pile to dirt pile, then by-goly he should get to do that. Even if it is uncomfortable for me. At some point, he should be allowed to experience and experiment with his world.

So, with that, I’m going to finish my breakfast and get ready for a walk about the complex. Children need sunshine to grow, right? Sometimes being a parent is doing stuff you don’t want to do because it’s better for your child.


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