A Plan for Galactic Domination, Revisited

I’ve always wanted to be “badass.” I’ve always envisioned myself shooting high caliber rifles from my hip, having ripped abs, and being able to kick ass. Even today, what gets in my way is mostly mental roadblocks.

I wrote this plan on how to become badass in 2011, and I think I should get back into this!

Writted 8/12/11

1. Do one “Badass” thing a day

Basically, I want to make sure I do one thing a day that reinforces the changes I want to make in myself. This is the the crux of my plan.

2. Avoid anything that does not make me feel Badass

I have spent a lot of time in the past couple years feeling sorry for myself, barking at the wind about things that I don’t do anything about. I need to start avoiding these things. So, my second goal is to avoid things that don’t make me feel badass… meaning things that don’t make me feel fit, fun, confident……

3. Focus on the Good

I have spent a lot of time being negative. I have had the habit of being very critical of myself. This needs to stop! You cannot have an unwavering positive self image if you don’t think positively of yourself!

4. Squash all Automatic Negative Thoughts

I watched something on PBS with some psychologist talking about Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs.) Once I started looking for them I found them all over! Even in my daily conversations I would say things like, “I can’t believe I was so stupid not to notice!” or “A fat girl should not be doing this!” Sure, I was trying to be funny… but every negative comment still reaffirms a negative feeling I have about myself. This also needs to stop!

 So, there it is. My four step plan to finding my Inner Badass.


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