My Husband’s Dog Tags

I tried this kind of blog before. It was called Finding Badass. It in the very beginning when I realized that I was really not living the life I wanted. I thought about just writing there again, but something about it just doesn’t feel the same.

I see now I was wanting to be come a vision of what society wanted, not what I was truly meant to be.

Before I delete the blog, there are some entries I need to save because they are either still relevant or special.

I wrote a blog when my husband gave me his dog tags as a gift for my birthday. It was all I asked for. I remember loving them. I remember feeling totally badass when I wore them. They did some really amazing things for ten years, and when I wore them I felt it was my turn to do amazing things.

But then, I stopped wearing them. Because they were loud. Because they could clink. Maybe because the only time I wore them was around the house. The only person who heard them clink besides me was my husband, and he got annoyed after awhile.

I came across this blog and though, I need to start wearing them again. Maybe I will…

Written 8/11/11

Before I came up with the idea for this journey my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him I wanted his Dog Tags on a chain for around my neck. (He is retired Air Force)

A couple days ago, he gave me just that. Along with the chain and his dog tags, he had a tag specially made. On one side is our names and entertwined hearts. On the other side is says “Feb 14th Forever” with an etching on a bride and groom. It was the perfect compliment to his dog tags.

When I was working out for the second day on the journey, it was the first time with the dog tags on. Hear the clink as a danced around the room solidified my feeling of Badass-ness.

These dog tags did some pretty amazing things for 10 years. Now, when I see them in the mirror or hear them clinking around my neck, they are a reminder of the amazing things I will be able to do.



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