A Date Night

We got my parents to watch our son for the night. It was the first night someone was willing to watch him overnight for almost a year. I don’t know if the autism diagnosis scared the grandparents, or if just being in that toddler/preschooler stage did. Either way, they were really “hesitant” to watch him for awhile.

My husband was willing to go dancing with me. Because of his knee, a service related injury, I figured he wouldn’t dance. Surprisingly, he did the two-step lesson. The rest of the night we two-stepped on occasion, and he beamed with pride as I showed off all the line dances I’ve learned over the last month or so. We also enjoy a few “slow dances.” It felt so nice to be in my husband’s arms. He would sing some of the lyrics, and I just felt so loved.

I think my favorite part of the evening was being out of the house with my husband. For the past year we have been living almost separate social lives, taking turns going out for evenings while the other stayed home with our son. It felt awesome to do something active with my husband. We spend so much of our quality time sitting on our butts, it was nice to have a change. The more active we are together, the healthier all of us will be.

This morning we picked up our son from Grandma’s house. He did excellent, no complaints.

I am feeling very blessed!


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